Mommy Natalie is looking to make her babies as happy as possible!
Either in disposable or cloth, I will make sure my baby boy or girl is nice and clean.  So let mommy change you baby!!
BUT…I will punish my babies if they miss behave.
I do enjoy humiliating a naughty baby.
Depending on behavior depends on the consequence.
If baby is mean I will spank a naughty bottom, if they dont pick up their toys, their toys will ho in time out.
If they bite they will not be breastfed.


One thought on “Natalie

  1. Hi mommy I got my new diapers tykables little builders and waddlers. I love being a baby and wearing diapers. Diapers are my new underwear no more big boy underwear for me diapers 24/7 for me. You are awesome mommy.

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