Call me Mommy Quinn.  I love being a mommy for my wonderful little babies, with a little bit of a mean streak
I do prefer baby boys. I love seeing how they squirm when their little dickies get hard in their pampers for me <3
I love to humiliate my babies by making them show off their baby parts in public. I’ll spank them and disparage them right in front of a crowd of people and make my baby feel ashamed of what they’re doing. When I catch a little baby with their hands down their pampers, touching their dickie without permission… there will be hell to pay 😉
I also love to spank. I’m a big believer in spankings and I do believe that sissies need to be fucking spanked every now and again, ESPECIALLY if they’re misbehaving 🙂
Have a dirty diaper? I am more than willing to change a dirty pee diaper. My little sissy will never be squishy for long, and I’ll put the crinkle back in their step!
Punishments for disobedient babies include:
Spanking, leaving them in their dirty diaper, public humiliation, forcing them to stream their crinkly diaper. for everyone in the world to see.
I’ll blackmail my babies too, threatening to release videos and pictures of my babies if they ever misbehave

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