I know every step and protocol to change a diaper, no matter how dirty!!   I love my babies be laying on its back so that way I full access to a diaper hiney.   I love to grab them by the legs and take that diaper off and I don’t mind if there’s pee or poo.

When my diaper boy have an accident and my baby is naughty and I need to punish him, I will spank his naughty little diapered butt or I make him walk around in front of all my friends and tell him that he’s a very bad boy and a baby.  And of course you’ll be dressed as a baby for extra humiliation!
As long as my baby is it good boy I can be a very nice Mommy.   I would love to cuddle my baby, change their diapered butt, and sometimes, make him beg for mommy’s attention I would tease him with Mommy’s breasts.
I enjoy singing lullabies to my babies, rocking them slowly in my arms or reading him a nice bedtime story until he drifts to Sleepy land and all he can think about is his mommy holding him.
I love rocking my adult baby to sleep I enjoy playing with him and changing his diaper I love it when he sings with me as well when he looks up at me and he tells me how much he loves his mommy. I enjoy dressing him up and putting on a little fashion show showing off my adult baby.
The number one thing adult baby can expect from me as his mommy: I will please him and treat him very well and we would have so much fun together sky’s the limit with Mommy sky I will definitely reach every one of his adult baby or diaper loving fantasies.
Just know that when I get this diaper loving boy on the phone I’ll make him think he’s my real baby!

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