I love to be a mommy or babysitter for my babies…. but who doesn’t!

If you are an adult baby, make sure you have you rdiaper and pacifier ready for mommy when you call!!

If you’e a diaper lover OR adult baby, and wet your diaper, mommy will clean both number 1 and number 2!  And will make sure you dont get any diaper rashes.  I take care of my babies right!

And yes, I do have experience witha dult babies because I have dated one before!! I changed him, fed him, and was a good mommy figure for my baby boy when he wanted to play.  I am a very loving mommy.

Other things I like: humiliation, forced bi, spanking, masturbating in diapers, and belittling

3 thoughts on “Stormy

  1. Hey my names DJ my adult baby age is 2 being an adult baby is super fun and I’m super interested in talking to you I just have a couple questions you are an abdl mommy right and I didn’t see a bio or anything like that could you tell me a little bit about what you do and what you can do?

  2. I’m a adult baby I’m looking for a mommy to talk and treat me like a baby can you please talk to me like a baby

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