1.  What’s your favorite roleplay in that fetish? taking care of baby!
2.  What do you like your clients to have ready for you when they call? Diapers, powder, rattle, baby bottle, bibs
3.  What’s the first thing you say or ask your clients in that fetish? What type of diapers do you like to wear? do you wear them all the time or just certain times?
4.  Are you a loving/nurturing mother, dominant mother, or a little of both? dominant
5.  Do you like hardcore domination?  Or sensual domination? hardcore
6.  List some things you like to do on calls.
listening to him eat his cum
Strap-on play
forced feminization
masturbation in diapers
using household items for playing
forced bi
giving orders or assignments

Here are some of my items for sale:

3 thoughts on “Taylor

  1. Me liv in Ontario canada n me is looking 4 a mummy to legally binding full out put me in me place asa newborn infant baby no matter what n force me 2 sleep in a crib ft n eat baby food n baby formula n has diaper humiliation n punishment in public in a stroller n everything me rwwy rwwy rwwy rwwy rwwy rwwy rwwy needs 2 has a mummy taks me into her home n keep me asa newborn infant baby no matter what

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